At work in over 2,500 American cities — and now, other countries.

Community Conversations


In the Fall of 2006, a small group of charities, churches, and social service providers came together in Florence, Alabama. They shared their experience in meeting the emergency needs of hundreds of displaced families who were driven from their homes by Hurricane Katrina.

Little did they know that their “community conversations” would soon impact thousands of helping agencies and millions of people across America — and now, other countries.

This site celebrates thousands of community stakeholders who are now engaged in "community conversations" — discovering new and exciting ways to work together to create a community resource network. They are developing innovative and lasting solutions that efficiently and effectively combat poverty, hunger, and other complex community challenges.

8 Steps


Collective Community Impact

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The Power of Connect — Transform Lives and Communities

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See how communities are discovering collective impact — a promising approach to tackling social challenges like poverty, hunger, health disparities, and more.

Communities are learning how to work together more efficiently and effectively to create coordinated care networks that help people thrive not just survive.

Connectivity is proving to be a best practice for reducing duplication, increasing resourcefulness, and providing holistic care to individuals and families.

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Innovative solutions
are now developing in over
2,500 American cities
in 49 states.

Results are remarkable!

Across the country, innovative caregivers are advancing a more networked, collaborative, and comprehensive approach to transforming lives and communities.

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National Evidenced-Based Results

Cities Discovering the
Power of Connect
Number of
People Served
Number of
Care Networks
Community Dollars Contributed
Duplication Reduced
As Much As
Average Annual
Savings to Budgets

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Now it's possible to "move the needle" on poverty, hunger, health disparities, and other complex challenges. This video will encourage and inspire you!

A Continuum of Care with Measurable Outcomes & Impact

New breakthroughs in innovative networking technology, increased cooperation, and cross-sector collaboration now make it possible for communities to develop an authentic and life-changing continuum of comprehensive (holistic) coordinated care.

This includes customized assessments and practical goals that are tailored to each person's unique needs, hopes, and dreams. All assistance, referrals, and outcomes are collectively empowered and monitored by a diverse group of helping agencies. This makes it easier for stakeholders to track a person's forward progress in real-time.

The result is a customize action plan that places people, and the helping agencies that serve them, on a pathway to successful outcomes and impact.
transformation roadmap

Pathway to Success — community empowered

Using collective community impact principles, it’s possible for community stakeholders to take steps that lead to unprecedented outcomes and impact for transforming people’s lives.  Each progressive step of this remarkable journey can be carefully mapped out for effectiveness and measurable results. This will pave the way to a higher summit of potential and possibilities — thereby maximizing the collective caring power of your community.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

— Henry Ford —