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At work in over 2,500 American cities — and now, other countries.

Learn How To Build a Community Resource Network that will Transform Lives


This is a place for innovative caregivers and community stakeholders to connect, share best practices, and see how other communities are taking the "next steps" toward collective community impact.

Their courage, vision, and remarkable stories offer us all greater hope and promise that everyone in a community can experience a healthier, happier, and a more meaningful life.

What you will find here...

  • Learn about innovative and sustainable solutions that are now making a real and lasting difference.
  • Get advice from experts and practitioners "on the front lines."
  • Discover the "secret sauce" for maximizing the collective caring power of a community.
  • Learn how to find, mobilize, and coordinate your local resources in more powerful and productions ways.
  • Discover how to reduce duplication and increase resourcefulness — assuring funders that the right resources, get into the right hands, at the right time.

Check out these Valuable Resources

Here you will find resources that will "breathe new life" into your organization and the people you serve. Since 2006 we have mined an abundant wealth of knowledge and wisdom from community stakeholders across the country. These stakeholders are proving that it is possible to increase communication and cooperation among helping agencies throughout their communities — thereby setting the stage for collective impact.

Proven, Practical, & Measurable Results

Individuals & Families

Individuals & Families

Now, all children, adults, and families gain greater access to constantly updated information and resources that can help them experience a better quality of life and brighter future.

Helping  Agencies

Helping Agencies

Now, all agencies gain greater peace of mind knowing that their unique mission is part and parcel of a more coordinated and comprehensive (holistic) solution for transforming people's lives.



Now, all funders (donors, foundations, businesses, and others) gain greater assurance that the right resources, get into the right hands, at the right time.



Now, all civic stakeholders gain greater "community intelligence" through knowledge-sharing and collective wisdom — paving the way for collective community impact.

Created by Community Stakeholders  
for Community Stakeholders

Site content is contributed by those who are on the "front lines" of combating poverty, hunger, health disparities, and more.

Collective impact information and resources are constantly updated as a growing number of innovative and resourceful stakeholders share their knowledge, experience, and vision-driven journey to Comprehensive Coordinated Care.

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Collaborative Partners

Collaborative PartnersCollaborative PartnersCollaborative PartnersCollaborative PartnersCollaborative PartnersCollaborative Partners
Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
— Helen Keller —