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At work in over 2,500 American cities — and now, other countries.

Capacity-building Tools

Capacity-building Tools — 3 categories

Now it is possible!

Helping agencies, across a community, are learning how to work together more efficiently and effectively to transform the lives of individuals and families. New and exciting breakthroughs in networking and capacity-building technology are happening in over 2,400 cities in 49 states.

Charities, churches, schools, hospitals, food banks, funders, and more are learning how to align their unique strengths and collectively tackle tough community challenges with greater impact and success. Every community, across the country, now has a big opportunity to create an unprecedented model for comprehensive coordinated care that makes a real and lasting difference.

Proven Resources

Since 2006, we have worked with many experts and practitioners, who are passionately engaged in combating poverty, hunger, homelessness, and more. Their knowledge and experience have proven to be a "best practice" for collective community impact. Each column is a clickable link to their websites.

aha Process

Bridges Out of Poverty

Getting Ahead provides people in poverty with the same information found in Bridges Out of Poverty, which was developed for professionals and others in the community working to end poverty.  Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World is a book and a 45-hour workshop that helps individuals in poverty build their resources for a more prosperous life for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Phil DeVolGetting Ahead
Phil DeVol
Author / Educator
Getting Ahead Network
Tru Charity

True Charity

True charity stems from compassion and cannot be legislated. Government is an institution and cannot be charitable in truth. True charity is voluntarily sourced. If charity doesn’t empower the poor, it misses the mark.Empowerment is impossible without some aspect of challenge to help a personbecome self-sufficient. Real charity is “made actual” – it makes a realdifference. Some good or service is rendered to the poor, and outcomes aremeasured to ensure that efforts are actually making a difference in theindividual and community.

James WhitfordLife Deck
James Whitford
Executive Director
True Charity Initiative
Spark Consulting

Spark Consulting Group

We believe our leaders and organizations must be equipped with the resources, tools, and talent necessary to tackle deeply rooted problems that exist in our communities. Too many times, those entrusted to make a difference are expected to do so with extremely limited resources and insufficient support. On a mission to change the odds.  Spark Consulting Group works alongside courageous organizations that dare to combat social epidemics plaguing our community – providing expertise, technical support, and strategic leadership.  

Angie WilliamsSpark Consulting
Angie Williams
Founder / President
Spark Consulting Group
Tom Wolff

Tom Wolff & Associates

Tom Wolff and Associates bring forty years of experience in coalition building, community development, collaborative solutions and collective impact. We can advance and support your community and agency initiatives. We have the tools and resources necessary to mobilize the power of collaborative processes in your communities. Through collaborations and coalitions, individuals, organizations and communities become empowered to impact the world around them. Our work is dedicated to bringing greater joy and a deeper sense of spirit and purpose to those seeking to create healthy communities.

Tom WolffPower of Collaborative Solutions
Tom Wolff
Author / Consultant
Tom Wolff & Associates
Significant Matters

Significant Matters

Since 2005, Significant Matters has worked with individuals, businesses, city government, non-profits and especially the faith-based community both domestically and internationally to explore and develop more sustainable waysof doing good. Though we still have a long way to go, we believe it’s possibleto accelerate the learning curve in this arena through an initiative we haveentitled SATtalks, which stands for Sustainability and Transformation Talks.

Tom BassfordSaTtalks
Tom Bassford
Executive Director
Significant Matters / SATtalks
Good Cities

Good Cities

GoodCities specializes in coaching those who are facilitating the development of a city transformation movement. Our coaches understand the dynamics of leading citywide kingdom coalitions which seek to serve God and their city. Each coach understands the stages of transformation and the skills needed to move from one stage to the next. Our coaches are capable of teaching these skills or can bring in trainers who can. Coaching is a dynamic partnership between the coach and one being coached, helping that person/team move from where they are toward the person/team’s desired destinations. Those destinations are defined and shaped by the person/team being coached with the help of the coach to unlock the vision, build confidence, focus on goals, take practical steps and celebrate progress.

Glenn BarthGood Cities
Glenn Barth
Author / Educator

Recommended Reading

The following is a list of books, articles, and websites that you will find informative and encouraging. These resources will help individual organizations and communities to build capacity for collective community impact.

Power of Collaborative SolutionsCommunityWhen People Care Enough to ActCollaboration ChallengeWhen Helping HurtsToxic CharityXL R8Leap of ReasonThe Performance FactorThe Abundant CommunityBridges Out of PovertyDeep ChangeLaws of LeadershipThe 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleManaging the Nonprofit OrganizationBe a People PersonChangeStart with WhyMissional RenaissanceWell-connect CommunityBowling AloneThe Starfish and the SpiderThe Innovator's DilemmaDiffusion of InnovationsCrossing the Chasm

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